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Hello, my name is Sivilė!

Perfumery is a field where art and science come together. Maybe that's why I was drawn to perfumery. Well, also because smells affect emotions endlessly. This special "magic" is very fascinating.


Traveling through the world of scents, I learn a lot, get to know each other, and discover. Everyday I learn something new and share my knowledge with others. I absolutely love talking about scents and what experiences they create. And like very much to listen to other people's impressions the most. Especially when you smell my aromatic compositions :)


I started my work in 2018 with bath bubbles. Later, I had to get acquainted with the production of soaps, candles and other wax products, while the most basic thing, perfumery, was going on in parallel. Currently, I produce spray, oil and solid (waxy) perfumes, bath bubbles, home and car fragrances.


I use natural and synthetic ingredients in my production, I adhere to international IFRA recommendations. I try to ensure that my products are not only attractive to the eye, have a pleasant smell, but also do not harm health and pollute the environment as little as possible.


My old dream is to save the world. Maybe this activity will help me do that one day, but I already know that my creations make a lot of people happy, and that means a lot to me. Happy people = world saved! ​ ​


Fragrant wishes,

Sivilė Čeponytė

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