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Car perfume LEATHER & WINE is perfect when you want to add chic elegance and exclusivity to the interior. The rich leather scent is complemented by refreshingly sweet notes dried fruits which gives the aroma a strong and compex character. Wine notes add depth to the composition, making it a great choice for those who valu luxury and sophistication. There is also this fragrance of reed diffuser.

Aroma type: a freshingly sweet blend of leather, dried fruits and sophisticated wine notes.

- The perfume composition is created from the highest quality certified aromatic ingredients.

- The fragrance base is environmentally friendly, easily biodegradable, meets EU Ecolabel requirements.

- Fragrance duration: ~1 month

Usage: after unscrewing the wooden cap, remove the plastic stopper, screw on the wooden cap and invert the bottle to allow the fragrant mixture to soak into the wood. Hang the bottle in the desired place of the car (mirror, air vents, handles, etc.).

Complete set: clear glass bottle (height - 4.2 cm, width - 2.25 cm), press-on plastic protective cap, screw-on wooden cap, description. Everything is packed in a green fabric bag (height - 14 cm, width 10 cm).

Capacity: 7 ml.

SIVILÈ is an author's perfumery brand, founded by perfumer Sivilė Čeponytė in 2018. SIVILÈ products (perfumes, home and car fragrances) are made from the highest quality natural and synthetic ingredients. following the formulas created by Sivilė. The SIVILÈ brand is about uniqueness, distinctive style and attitude, high quality and conscious consumption.

Made in Lithuania.

REED DIFFUSER "LEATHER & WINE" (bottle with a defect)

€30.00 Regular Price
€22.50Sale Price
  • The order starts immediately after payment. Order fulfillment takes 1 to 3 work days (the duration can be adjusted, the buyer will be notified about this by e-mail). If the item is needed for a specific day, please let us know in advance.


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