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Hello, my name is Sivilė!

SIVILÉ artisanal perfume, niche perfume, original gifts

Perfumery is a field where art and science come together. Maybe that's why I was drawn to perfumery. Well, also because smells affect emotions endlessly. This special "magic" is very fascinating.


Traveling through the world of scents, I learn a lot, get to know each other, and discover. Everyday I learn something new and share my knowledge with others.


I started from the bath bombs in 2018. Later, I started the production of soaps, candles and other wax products, while the most basic thing, perfumery, was going on in parallel. Currently, I produce spray, oil and solid (waxy) perfumes, home and car fragrances.


I use natural and synthetic ingredients in my production, I adhere to international IFRA recommendations. I want to ensure that my products are not only attractive to the eye, have a pleasant smell, but also do not harm health and pollute the environment as little as possible.

I invite you to get acquainted with my work and dive into a special, engaging world of scents together!



Fragrant wishes,

Sivilė Čeponytė

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