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How long do reed diffusers last?

I often get asked how long do reed diffusers last?

It depends on various factors:

  • the size of the room (the larger the room, the more often you need to turn the sticks in order for the aroma to spread in the widest possible range);

  • is the room often ventilated;

  • where in the room is the bottle placed (it is not advisable to place the bottle near an open window, because the aroma will simply "take" outside);

  • are there any heat sources nearby (the fragrance evaporates faster when the bottle is near a heat source, such as a radiator, direct sunlight);

  • what intensity of smell is desired, i.e. how often the sticks are used and how much they are used (the more sticks, the more liquid they absorb and evaporate into the environment).

The 50 ml home fragrances that I make evaporate for about 3-6 months, depending on the factors mentioned above. In the first months, the aroma spreads most intensively, later, due to the dust in the environment and oils, the pores of the sticks start to clog easily and the diffusion of the scent may decrease.

SIVILÈ namų kvapai su lazdelėmis
SIVILÈ reed diffusers

It is worth bearing in mind that the purpose of reed diffuser is to aromatize the environment locally, i.e. a certain range around the odor source. In order for the same aroma to spread evenly in all rooms of the home or office, it would be worth choosing special indoor fragrance devices.

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