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Solid perfumes. From Ancient Egypt to the present day.

Solid perfumes date back to Ancient Egypt, when they were made from natural beeswax and fragrant oils. These days, hard perfumes are made from various types of waxes or starches, butters, carrier oils like jojoba, sweet almond or coconut, fragrance essences and other side ingredients like silicones, etc.

I make solid perfumes from beeswax, jojoba oil and fragrant essences. I always avoid stuffing my products with unnecessary ingredients. I minimize the composition, I try to create a balance between the smallest possible quantity and quality of ingredients, and so that the product perfectly fulfills its purpose, in this case, perfume. Genius lies in simplicity!

Moteris kvepinasi kietaisiais kvepalais.

Solid perfume features.

The aroma of solid perfumes is softer, gentler and more subtle than that of spray alcohol based perfumes. So for those who don't like to leave behind a scent trail, I recommend choosing exactly solid perfumes. Also, solid perfumes are very convenient, light and practical, especially when traveling. You don't have to worry about the bottle breaking and scenting or staining things. There are currently three fragrances in the SIVILÈ range of solid perfumes: "Allure", "Elysian" ir "Verdure".

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